27 December, 2022


Back in July, I was working faithfully on the r/rougelikedev 2022 code-along before I hit a small snag.

The start of the trouble was that I was working without a proper keyboard, hunched over my laptop in  temporary deskless working conditions that was causing me to develop real pain.

So, of course, I over-engineered a solution.  I did a lot of research into split-ergonomic keyboards that I had always had an interest in, and ended up with a Moonlaner

18 July, 2022

LOX week 3

 Continuing the r/rougelikedev 2022 code-along into parts four and five of the tutorial.  I have started going down some wild tangents last week and I've been rambling further down those paths.

It took me most of the week to get through part 4, partly because of my home-made screen rendering but mostly because I had to learn what shadow casting was and how to implement it from scratch

11 July, 2022

LOX week 2

Continuing the r/rougelikedev 2022 code-along into parts two and three of the tutorial I start to diverge in a couple of ways.

In part two, I've been building up a lot of technical debt.  And in part three, I decide to compound the problem by turning the map generation system inside-out.

04 July, 2022

OSRdF Revisited

In January 2019, I signed on to Tam H's OMGAM project to create one micro-game per month.  Over the course of that year, I produced 12 tiny games for the project as well as a few others for various game jams and challenges.

The very first one was called OSRdF, or "Old School Roll-under, dF".  I also wrote the first real content for this blog in that same month of January where I talked about the intentions and thoughts behind that game.

Very briefly, and without any of the philosophy, it is like this:  

  • You have six stats because that's what White Box had, though the names have changed
  • You roll under them to do things because that is what you did back then
  • You roll randomly for your stats for the same reason, and because of a bunch of other baggage
  • There is no dedicated combat system because we already have the roll-under thing and don't need anything else
  • It uses Fudge dice for two reasons:  First, I like them because they only have + and - and I always thought the very notion of them really gave the middle finger to the notion that complex dice systems were important.  Second, a few people had recently (at the time OSRdF was released) been really hostile to the opinion that Fate Accelerated is in spirit an OSR game, and I was feeling a bit sassy about it.

I have made noises a few times about expanding this game and making modules for it, and that starts now. There is still a lot about this game that I implied without stating, and one really has to look sideways at it to spot any traditional fantasy gaming in there -- so here is a teaser:

Brawn Grace Creativity Logic Will Empathy
Brawn bend bars, save v poison bows melee scale rough surfaces lift gates intimidation
Grace impersonate Elf, move silent dodge bonus pick locks scale sheer surfaces pick pockets
Creativity Cleric spells spot traps save v wand persuasion
Logic Wizard spells save v charm read languages
Will save v death henchman limit
Empathy Druidic spells

Now, there are some place-holders in here, and a couple of tongue-in-cheek jokes that wont make the final cut.  But this is the basic form of how a skin of OSRdF emulates the kind of fantasy RPGs that I played in the 80s.

I have four of these drafted that evolve the basic system through forty years, taking on slightly different styles and varying the rules at each decade.

A produced version of it was going to be coming for Zine Quest for 2022, but between the pandemic and other events that didn't quite happen.  I might still lay it out for print, commission an artist, pay an editor, and put a game (or possibly a collection of multiple games) into peoples' hands to play.  But that is probably a couple years off when I take a realistic look at my other commitments.

01 July, 2022

LOX week 1

Wow, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I've been working on the r/rougelikedev 2022 code-along and I thought I could just re-use my code from the Broughlike tutorial and be most of the way there.

I was both right and wrong.